WElcome to the *welcome guide*

All you need to know! But before you read:

All of this is just things I have gathered from filming weddings for 9 years, Things that might help! Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and ideas. I am there to film what's happening at your wedding in the most natural way possible.It's not for my instagram or for my portfolio. This video is yours, it's for YOU! My goal is to just show up and feel like a friend that is documenting your wedding and to be there for you in anyway I can.

What we talk about

1. Bridal Prep
2. Groom Prep
3. First Looks
4. The Details
5. The Ceremony
6. Portraits
7. Reception
8. The exit
9. Post Wedding details (editing delivery time)
10. What I deliver
11. Special Add-On Options

number one

bridal prep

Having hair and makup in your coverage hours can make a HUGE difference in your wedding film. It sets the stage and establishes a build up to the ceremony. Even if we could just stage it- it would take 5 minute to get the shots we need to help tell the story of your day!

“Eheu fugaces labuntur anni. Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu.”

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