start at $800

The way I price for weddings is super simple. Everyone who books with me gets two things:

A highlight film, and raw footage.

Pricing depends on hours of coverage.

2-3 hours - $800
4-5 hours - $1300
6-7 hours - $1800
8-9 hours - $2400
10 hours -$2800

6% sales tax
35% retainer and signed contract to book

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What's included:

The Highlight film

This is a 3 to 10 minute video that highlights the best moments of the wedding day with music. The events captured and hours of coverage determine the length of the film. My focus is that every special moment of your day is included.

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The home video

This is your raw footage in the form of one long video. It's everything that was filmed during your wedding day (raw, unedited, no music). It's usually about 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on hours of coverage

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