Check on the status of your video

Hi my beautiful brides <3 I made this page so that you can feel updated on the status of your video. I know it is hard to wait for it! Especially not knowing the EXACT date you are going to get it. I am the type of person who orders stuff online and NEEDS to check on the tracking every second. So I am sure it is hard that you can't do that with your pictures and videos. You plan your wedding for so long, and I can only imagine how much work it is. The venue. The guest list. The vendors. Everything. So I am sure it is crazy for it to all be said and done with, and now the only thing left on the check list is to wait for your pictures and videos. So I wanted to create a way that you can feel in the loop. I hope this helps!

I do ask for your patience, as this is SUCH a busy season. Coronavirus led to a lot of reschedules which has made this season extra booked up. And this is your wedding FILM. You can't rush that <3. I promise I am doing my best to create the best video possible, and to serve you the best I can. My contract says it could take up to 4 months, but that is worst case. I would like for all my films to be returned no later than about 6 weeks because I know the wait is hard. I will also do my best to just keep updating you guys, and being as open as possible!

Again, thank you so so so so much for choosing me as your videographer.

You are all so special to me and I felt soo lucky to be a part of your wedding <3

The lists below is to show you where you are in line - and who's video I am currently working on!


  1. Amber - delivered
  2. Kyndal - delivered (sending new one)
  3. Morgan - delivered (sending new one asap)
  4. Taylar - editing
  5. Kaitlyn - next in line
  6. Taylor - 2nd in line
  7. Tori B - 3rd in line
  8. Mariam - 4th in line
  9. Naomi - 5th in line


  1. Amber - editing
  2. Kyndal - delivered
  3. Morgan - editing
  4. Taylar - 3rd in line
  5. Kaitlyn - 4th in line
  6. Taylor - 5th in line
  7. Tori B - 6th in line
  8. Mariam - 7th in line
  9. Naomi - 8th in line

Time passed since your wedding:

  1. Amber (4/17) - 5 weeks
  2. Kyndal (4/24) - 4 weeks
  3. Morgan (5/1) - 3 week
  4. Taylar W (5/6) - 2 week
  5. Kaitlyn (5/8) - 2 week
  6. Taylor D (5/9) - 2 week
  7. Tori B - 1 week
  8. Mariam - 2 days
  9. Naomi - 1 day

Last updated May 24, 2021

If you see someone's video was delivered before you, but their date was AFTER you.. it's usually because they had less coverage hours which makes it a less extensive video to edit, and it is much faster to edit. Much less footage to sift through!

want to help pick the song?


Check out this YouTube playlist I have been working on!

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Another great way to search for music is to search through Insta.

I search ALLL through instagram. I will go through hashtags like wedding videographers, wedding video, virginia videographers, wedding films, just anything that would pull up wedding videos on instagram. I will search through all of those videos, and then also click on Instagram accounts of other videographers and search through their pages for good songs. I will save them to a folder because Instagram lets you do that, or you could send them to me as a way to store them. The key here is to download Shazam on your phone. It's an app that listens to the a few seconds of a song and then identifies the name and artist. That way you can listen to the whole song.