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Hi, I'm Casey!

If you are considering me as a videographer, I am honored to be on your radar.

My goal is to be as authentic as possible about what my work looks like, who I am as a person, and what you get with me. I know you have a long checklist to take care of in the wedding planning department so my hope is that it will be an easy decision whether I am right or wrong for you. I am not trying to be a sales man nor am I trying to persuade you to pick me.

I want to be the right pick for you. You deserve that. You deserve a photographer and videographer to fit like a puzzle piece into your wedding day. Far beyond a checklist. I hope my website can help you decide if that is or isn't me!


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“The day goes by so fast. I watch our video all the time because it helps me see all the things I missed. Nothing compares to the raw footage you gave us.

It's personal and intimate.”

Based in Virginia Beach, VA