Options starting at $300

What each package includes:

The Highlight Film

The Highlight Film is a 3 to 12 minute video that highlights the best moments of the wedding day with music behind it. The events (and hours of coverage) captured determine the length of the film. My focus isn't the length of the highlight film, but that every special moment of your day is included.

*Click on picture for an example of highlight film.

The Home Video

The home video styled film is one long video of everything that was filmed during your wedding day (raw, unedited, no music). I think this is just as special as a highlight film. It gives you that home video kind of feeling, which I think every couple deserves. This video is usually 45 minutes to an hour depending on hours of coverage.

*Click on picture for an example of raw footage.

Let's talk about coverage

Pricing depends on these hours
2-3 Hours - $500
4-5 Hours - $800
6-7 Hours - $1100
8-10 Hours - $1300
11-12 Hours - $1500

35% deposit and signed contract are required to secure date.

On a tight budget but don't want to regret not having a wedding video?

Let's work something out. It is my heart to see everyone be able to have a video of their wedding. Email me and ask about options the options that start at $300.

Wanna move forward?!

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