so glad you are considering videography.

So how does this work?

First:  I am going to give you  options.

Two: Check to see if the date is available.

Three: If so, and you want to- we make it official with a contract and deposit!

Four: We become best friends and I film your wedding in a very unobtrusive, discreet way but get allllllll the things.

Five: I edit and send you your film to have and to keep forever.

Option number one

documentary film

A documentary highlight film.  A mix between vintage and modern. All the sweet stuff edited to music. All candid, no posing. Honest, sincere, wholehearted and perfect for capturing exactly who you are all together and the essence of your day. The soul of your day.

Starting at $1500


Home Video style

Let's get 90's on em. Not everything has to be all fancy. I'll come film, and just give you all the footage as is. Either the memory card and we will call it a day, or I can lightly edit it into a long video you can watch with some popcorn.

Pricing starts at $300

wedding day Content creation

this service can stand alone or be an add on. It’s a new trend surfacing in the industry and it's amazing.

A wedding content creator is that designated someone who gets all the pictures and videos on an iPhone. The raw content you can to post right away or even in real time so you and your bridesmaids don't have to. 

I hear of brides saying all the time that they wish they had more pictures and videos on their phones from the day. That they wished they had designated someone to do it. That's why this service is so cool. It's hundreds of pictures and videos delivered to you instantly, via shared album. It bridges the gap between your wedding day and getting your professional stuff back. It’s the instant gratification and snaps of the day not like so over-stylized. 

Starting at - $500