how you document your wedding doesn't have to fit inside a box.

Virginia Beach wedding "content creator"

I'll be honest, I hate the name content creator but it's what the industry has deemed the vendor category to be called.

But let me tell you. What it captures is SO VALUABLE. The vibe, impeccable. I have been a professional videographer for 10 years and I can't tell you the value of the pictures and videos on my iPhone. I have 90,000 of them. And besides my babies.. that is my most priced possession is my pics and videos in there. People knock the idea of someone filming a wedding with an iPhone but our iPhones are always at our fingertips. Why wouldn't we do this? And don't we always have that "designated" bridesmaid or mom who we tell to get pictures and videos but they only get a few, or the ones they get are blurry and shaky? it's like the best of both worlds.... hiring someone to do it. They won't be busy or distracted. And they know how to move with the day. (Also perks of hiring someone who's been in the industry for 10 years) I can promise I know what shots to get, how to roll with a wedding day, and how to flow with other vendors.

And the best part about it... you get these pictures and videos immediately. They don't compare to what your photographer will give you quality wise. But to have something to scroll through the next day after that high of wedding... SO COOOOOL. The day goes by insanely fast. It's fast paced. (most weddings) So to be able to lay in bed the next day and scroll through an entire album of clips.... I just think that is so valuable.

Why would you hire a content creator?

  • You like the way it captures the day. It's fun. Unique. It's a different vantage point / angle. You like the raw, unedited, behind the scenes essence of it

  • You want something to have immediately

  • You want your FAMILY (family who could and couldn't make it) to have something to look at immediately

  • You don't have the budget for a videographer or don't care for the fanciness of a videographer but do want some video of your wedding

videographer vs. content creator

  • It's half the price
  • It's documented in a different way. A "content creator" only uses a phone so it gives them so much flexibility and the ability to capture it in a behind the scenes kind of way. Where as with videography you are holding such heavy and expensive equipment so it's more posed and polished.
  • Sometimes I truly don't notice a difference in iPhone footage vs my camera .... sometimes my phone is doing way better than what my camera is doing.. and sometimes there are moments where I need my camera.
  • The biggest difference in the two which I don't see talked about is the video dimensions. So iPhone pictures and videos are all vertical. Videographers film horizontally. That's a big reason I love this service because everything we do and post and share if vertical now.