May 20, 2020

Coverage Hours - how many do you need?

Coverage hours is how long you hire a photographer or videographer to be at your wedding. I used to look at videography packages and see 8 hours of coverage and think that meant 8 hours of video footage!!!! I thought it was crazy! How could they possibly get THAT MUCH?! But no. Lol. It means that they are AT YOUR WEDDING for those amount of hours, and film everything that is important in that time frame.

In order to really know how many hours of coverage you need, you have to know:

  • what does your timeline look like?
  • what is your budget?
  • what is important to you?

I am a very visual person so I am going to show a timeline example and I am going to highlight how each amount of hours could cover different areas of the day. This example is pretty standard, but honestly it just depends on YOUR timeline. It depends on how spread out everything is.