December 18, 2019

To my potential new clients.

Inquiring Brides

Hi !

I understand that it takes a LOT of trust to hire ANY vendor for your wedding. If you are reading this it must mean you are considering me as a videographer, and let me tell you...It's an HONOR that I am on your radar. It's not cheap to hire vendors, so I can imagine you are wanting to pick the right person. I know you have a long checklist to take care of in the wedding planning department, so my goal is to make this an easy choice for you. And don't read that wrong. My goal isn't to convince you that I am the right choice. My goal is to be as authentic as possible. About what my work looks like, who I am as a person, what I offer, what I don't offer, and what my prices are. That way it will be an easy choice if I am right or wrong. If I am not the choice for you, that is okay! I am not trying to sell you.I want to be RIGHT for you. You deserve that. You deserve a photographer and videographer to fit like a puzzle piece into your wedding day. Far beyond your checklist.

How to know if I am a good fit for you?

  1. First, is my pricing in your budget? And do you like what I offer?
  2. Second, go to my Instagram! Watch some of my story highlights. Go through this website. Check out my 'about me' page. See if I am someone you would be interested in having by you on your wedding day! Let's meet in person and see if we connect! Hiring a videographer is much more than just liking someone's work or them being in your price range. You want to make sure you can connect with them and that you like being around them.
  3. Lastly, make sure you like my films. Watch some of my them that are on my 'films' page.

I try my best to provide good details for you so that this choice is easy peasy! If you do think I am the right choice for you, I would love to hear from you!

Let's talk about what you want.

My work is my art. It is my craft. What YOU want matters to me. Your VISION matters to me, and I wouldn't take being your wedding videographer lightly.

Thanks for reading,


Now what?

I want you to film my wedding.

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